Do's and Don'ts on Working With a Weight Room Rack


One of the advantages of a weight room rack is that you can minimize your risk of injury when you do heavy barbell squats and presses. The rack can help you stay safe, especially if you reach muscle failure. However, you could still hurt yourself if you don't use it correctly. Here are do's and don'ts when using a weight room rack and small changes you can make to improve your safety and reduce injuries.

Don't Overload Your Bar

When you've been working out for a while, chances are that you know your limits. Adding too much to your bar when you're not ready can over-tax your muscles. However, you still will want to "move up" with your weights if you want to gain muscle. If you want to try a much larger amount of weight for your next workout, then ask someone to spot you. This person can help ensure that you use proper position and can handle the new amount.

Don't Put the Pins Too High

When you do squats, don't set the pins on your weight room rack too high. If you do, then you will have to step up on your toes to reach the barbell or put it back on the pins afterward. When you stand on your toes, you risk being thrown off-balance and potentially falling. You should aim to set the pins at a height where you can essentially just enter the rack and put the weight right on your shoulder. Even a few inches lower is better than too high.

Don't Copy Other People

You should follow demonstrations and advice on proper positioning. It's OK to ask other lifters for advice, but do not copy another person's technique. Everyone's body and goals are different, and each person has different tolerances. Different types of weight lifting also require different positions. If you have not been training long, or don't have the muscle mass of the other person, then you may hurt yourself. Instead, work on your own style and lift based on your current ability and goals.

Remember, your weight room rack is there to assist you, but cannot make up for mistakes or bad positioning. If you are new to using a weight rack, or weight training in general, then have a professional show you proper position first. If you have been working with weights for a while, and would like to work out with heavy weights at home, then a weight room rack would be a perfect choice.


21 February 2020

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