Do's and Don'ts on Working With a Weight Room Rack


One of the advantages of a weight room rack is that you can minimize your risk of injury when you do heavy barbell squats and presses. The rack can help you stay safe, especially if you reach muscle failure. However, you could still hurt yourself if you don't use it correctly. Here are do's and don'ts when using a weight room rack and small changes you can make to improve your safety and reduce injuries.

21 February 2020

The Benefits Of Yoga To Improve Your Mind And Body Connection


Yoga is a wonderful practice that can improve your flexibility, your ability to focus, and your response to stress. When you want to learn new yoga moves but you don't have the time to make it to a class, you can try online yoga classes to enjoy this practice. You will want to be in a comfortable place and have a yoga mat to use. Your clothing should be comfortable but well-fitting so that you don't get caught up in your clothing when you are trying to do new yoga positions.

9 December 2019

3 Ways Bikram Yoga Can Help You Improve Running Abilities


If you enjoy running for fitness, weight loss, or stress relief, you may wonder what other exercises can help you improve your speed or increase your mileage. One workout to add to your exercise calendar is Bikram yoga. Also known as "hot yoga," a session of Bikram yoga involves doing a series of yoga poses in a room heated to 100 degrees or higher. Bikram yoga is an excellent complement to your running workouts.

30 September 2019

5 Reasons To Invest In Swim Lessons For Your Child


If you're looking to teach your child how to swim or want them to improve their swimming, it's a good idea to invest in swimming lessons. There are swim classes for all ages and you can choose to sign up for a group lesson or an individual class. There are many benefits to taking swim lessons. Keep reading to better understand why you need to invest in swimming lessons for your child.

6 August 2018

Choosing Fitness Classes With Autoimmune Disease: What You Should Know


Everyone knows the importance of regular exercise and eating healthy, but when you're thinking about signing up for fitness classes and you've been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, it's not that simple. There are things you need to consider to avoid triggers that can lead to inflammation, pain, and increased antibodies. Here's a look at what you need to know before you sign up for any fitness classes if you have an autoimmune disease.

31 May 2018

Lifting Weights And Not Seeing Results? 4 Problems And 4 Solutions


If you have been hitting the gym with dedication and lifting heavy weights, but you are still not seeing muscle growth, then there are a few things to consider. You need to determine what the issue is instead of continuing to lift for months without results. Here are 4 problems that might be holding your back and the solutions. Bad Form Lifting weights doesn't mean that you just lumber over to the bar and lift it in any manner possible.

9 November 2016

General Fitness Classes That Are Typically Included With Your Gym Membership


If you join a YMCA, YWCA or other fitness gym that offers fitness classes, you can typically expect several classes to be included with the price of your gym membership. If you want to get the most out of your membership to any gym, make sure that a wide variety of classes are included under your monthly dues. Here is a sampling of classes that should be included, and often are.

22 August 2016

Answers to Three Basic Questions About Using a Personal Trainer


Getting in physical shape can be important for improving both your overall health and your energy levels. However, it is an unfortunate fact that some individuals may feel intimidated by this process, which can cause them to delay starting to exercise. For those that are wanting to start working out but are not confident about their ability, it may be beneficial to work with an experienced personal fitness trainer. Learning the following few personal training questions and answers will give you a better understanding about whether these services are right for you.

25 July 2016

How To Get Protein If You'Re A Vegetarian Bodybuilder Who Hates Eggs


Chicken, eggs whites, and oats. Those could be considered the three staples of a bodybuilders diet. They are all a great source of protein and they are also healthy. The chicken is lean, as opposed to beef, the egg whites don't have the fat or cholesterol from the yolk, and oats are full of heart healthy fiber as well as a decent amount of protein. But how is a vegetarian who hates eggs supposed to get their protein.

12 July 2016

A Beginner Mom's Guide To Preventing Injury When Lifting Heavy Weights


Lifting weight has been a male-dominated field in sports for a long time, but that's beginning to change. More and more women are starting to see the benefits of weight training, and you might be ready to hop on the fitness train and start lifting heavy. However, lifting heavy weights can lead to injury if you are not careful. Here is what every new mom beginning a weight program needs to know to prevent painful setbacks.

28 June 2016