Lifting Weights And Not Seeing Results? 4 Problems And 4 Solutions


If you have been hitting the gym with dedication and lifting heavy weights, but you are still not seeing muscle growth, then there are a few things to consider. You need to determine what the issue is instead of continuing to lift for months without results. Here are 4 problems that might be holding your back and the solutions.

Bad Form

Lifting weights doesn't mean that you just lumber over to the bar and lift it in any manner possible. Not only can that case injury, but it can also prevent correct muscle growth. You should either have a personal trainer or a knowledgeable friend look at your lifting form. This can help you determine if you're doing "cheats," for instance. Some "cheats" are not squatting low enough, bending over with your back too much in a deadlift, and not lowering the bar enough when benching.

Lack Of Protein

If your form is fine, then it might be a lack of protein in your daily diet. You need lots of protein to build muscles. This is why you see bodybuilders drinking "shakes." Those shakes are made of protein powder (often whey protein, though you can get soy or vegetable protein if you're lactose intolerant). The shake is a quick and easy way to get extra protein into your diet.

Lack Of Calories

If you're the type who is naturally skinny, then it might not be a problem of lacking just protein, you might be lacking calories as well. Skinny people can be "hard gainers" when it comes to muscle. Many people don't want to eat the huge amounts of calories required to put on muscle (putting on muscle requires extra calories, when it comes time to "cut" or "shred" the fat later, you will be on a caloric deficit diet). The easy solution for this type of body type is another shake called a "gainer" or "mass gainer." The same companies that make whey protein also sell these powders. They are meant to add extra calories. They have protein, but also lots of carbs. They are low in sugar, so it's a better choice than simply eating cake, cookies, or soda to get the extra calories in.

Overtraining And Poor Muscle Recovers

Finally, there is the issue of overtraining and muscle recovery. You are not supposed to lift weights everyday because you need your muscles to heal. However, some people don't recover as quickly as others, and they might find that even resting for a few days is not enough. One solution to this issue are steroids. The reason athletes, fitness models, and bodybuilders use steroids is that they help speed up recovery. Steroids are synthetic versions of testosterone. This chemical is essential in helping to maintain muscle mass. Legal steroids are not just used by strength training athletes and bodybuilders, they are also used by sick people (such as those with AIDS) who suffer from muscle loss.


9 November 2016

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