General Fitness Classes That Are Typically Included With Your Gym Membership


If you join a YMCA, YWCA or other fitness gym that offers fitness classes, you can typically expect several classes to be included with the price of your gym membership. If you want to get the most out of your membership to any gym, make sure that a wide variety of classes are included under your monthly dues. Here is a sampling of classes that should be included, and often are.


This Latin-infused dance class is mid- to high-impact aerobics, but you would never tell because it is so much fun. Zumba has become so popular that many fitness clubs and gyms now offer it. When Zumba first became a thing, most gyms charged for it because they were not sure if there would be enough interest, but since it has developed into a very popular means of exercise, it is now included in the cost of membership.

Spin Class

Spin class is that class where everyone gets on a stationary bike and pedals like mad. While this might seem crazy, the fact is, most instructors vary the speeds so that participants get the most aerobic benefits out of the intermittent changes in speed. Spin class is almost always a general fitness class offering, and almost always included in your choice of "free" classes you can take after you pay your monthly dues.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is the focus of many ladies' only gyms, so it is no surprise that the larger gyms offer it free of charge with membership. Women and men alike spend time on a circuit of low-impact aerobics interspersed with weight training and weight machines. It is most popular with people who do not have a lot of time to dedicate to fitness, but want to squeeze in a quick thirty-minute workout.

Swim Classes and Water Aerobics

When and where there are pools available in fitness centers and gyms, there will be swim classes and water aerobics. If you hate floor exercises but love the water, this might be the ideal option for you. This is especially true if you have physical limitations or joint and muscle pain that is soothed by water exercise and/or exacerbated by floor routines. Even if there is a charge for a water aerobics class, it is often at a deep discount for gym membership holders. At the very least, it is worth asking about if you are interested in this kind of exercise.


22 August 2016

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