How To Find Motivation To Exercise When You Are Tired All The Time


You probably know that regular exercise is key to your overall health, but when you get up early in the morning, work a full day, and arrive home exhausted, the last thing you likely want to do is change into your workout clothes and get moving. While the couch seems much more attractive, it's important to overcome your fatigue and summon up the motivation to exercise. Keeping active can not only improve your physical health, but can also be beneficial for your emotional well-being as a way to lessen stress and even depression. Here are some steps to help you get motivated to exercise when you're tired all the time.

Recruit A Workout Buddy

It might be easy to slough off a solo workout, but you'll have trouble saying no when you begin working out with a partner. Recruiting a workout buddy is one of the best ways to stay motivated and accountable about exercising. When you know that someone will be meeting you at the gym, at the park or in your driveway at a certain time, you'll no longer feel as though staying on the couch is an option ā€” even if you're initially exhausted. As soon as you meet up with the person, you can forget about your fatigue and enjoy the process of working out.

Subscribe To Some Interesting Podcasts

While many people listen to music while they work out, hearing the same old songs might not provide you with much motivation to get up and get active. An alternative idea to is find some podcasts on topics that interest you and subscribe to them on your mobile device. Whether you're into political talk, comedy, sports or virtually any other topic, there are countless podcasts featuring interesting dialogue and insightful interviews that you can enjoy listening to while you exercise. If you can't fit a two-hour podcast episode into your average daily routine, for example, your workout is the perfect time to listen to it.

Give Yourself An Off Day

An effective way to find motivation to work out is to give yourself a day of rest. When you know that you'll be able to relax all evening tomorrow, for example, it can often be easier to get up and work out. One day of rest every week is a good guideline for people, because it still means that you're working out most of the time but that you have a day of relaxation that is always within sight.


28 June 2016

Talking About Learning To Love Exercise

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