Three Reasons To Take A Pre-Workout


Breaking through a bench, squat, or any plateau can be extremely difficult. When you hit a plateau it is time to change things up a little bit, and one thing that you can add is a pre-workout supplement. There are many different benefits that come from taking a pre-workout, and this article is going to hit on three different benefits that come from taking a pre-workout. These different benefits are simple yet very powerful that help weight lifters, body builders, and athletes build muscle, add strength and increase stamina. 

Extreme Focus and Energy

When working out, it can be very hard to maintain the intense focus and energy that is required to get your best workout. One of the best ingredients that you will find in an optimal pre-workout is caffeine. Most of the pre-workouts that you will find on the market will have approximately 100-500 mg of caffeine in a serving. Caffeine has been shown to increase focus and also performance in athletes. Caffeine is able to accomplish this in a few different ways; by reducing the body's use of glycogen and and reduce the total amount of lactic acid in your muscle. Caffeine is also a stimulant and helps with blood flow. Be sure to drink water through the day, as caffeine can also dehydrate you. 

Endurance Baby

It feels so good to finally be able to get one or two more reps per set, and a pre-workout is able to help with muscular endurance. The main reason that a pre-workout is able to help with muscular endurance is the beta-alanine that is found within. You want to look for 3-6 grams of beta-alanine per serving of pre-workout. Beta-alanine is so helpful because it acts as a buffer to hydrogen ions that can zap endurance. If you are able to have more endurance, then you are going to have more gains and better personal records.

Branch-Chain Amino Acids 

When you are working out you want to be in an anabolic state. You want your body to increase in protein synthesis, and you want to decrease protein breakdown. The BCAA's that are found in your best pre-workouts will help you get into an anabolic state. This will act as a catalyst to muscle growth and will help you utilize your post workout protein powder. Taking a pre-workout with BCAA's will help you have a longer and more intense workout, and thus help build strength and endurance. 

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17 June 2016

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