Your Stem Cells And Your Health


Aging brings many challenges to your body. You may have enjoyed excellent health throughout your life without having to do much to maintain it, but the path is not so easy as you grow older. You lose muscle mass and your cellular structure changes. A healthy lifestyle becomes even more important to your health and longevity when you pass middle age.  


You naturally lose muscle mass as you age. Fortunately, moderate to strenuous exercise can help create new muscle stem cells. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) trigger other cells to create the new muscle that is so important to your long-term health. Weak muscles are responsible for many aging ills, including reduced mobility and joint problems. Muscle stem cells can also become other types of cells when they divide, so the potential for using these cells to help cure other physical ailments, including heart disease and spinal cord injury, is great.

Although some of these applications are in the future, you can start improving your muscle stem cell production today by engaging in moderate exercise. Even one exercise session can raise your muscle stem cell count. Consult with your doctor about what fitness program is best for you, but remember that simply being consistently active helps to maintain your health and lead to longevity. 

Other Methods

Researchers have also identified other ways to increase your stem cells. A good night's sleep is important to maintaining your stem cell level. The body needs a certain amount of rest in order to maintain optimum function. In addition to exercise and sleep, you can help boost your stem cells by fasting or eating very little. The body reacts favorably to limited food intake by being more resistant to infection and by adding stem cells. Before you fast, you must check with your doctor to make certain that your body can handle the experience. Experts warn against relying on any supplements for stem cell production as science has shown that these substances do not aid in their production.

Maintaining and boosting your stem cell production is vital to maintaining your health as you age and in expanding your life. Research clearly shows that exercising throughout your life is necessary to staying healthy. Once you reach your later years, it becomes even more important. Even if your mobility is already limited, you need to follow some sort of exercise routine. In addition, you need to get enough quality sleep. Consult with your healthcare professional and then get to work on your stem cells. Talk to a company like Glory Wellness Center and Weight Loss Clinic for more information on stem cell therapy.


10 June 2016

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