3 Ways To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Personal Training Sessions


Hiring a personal trainer can have several benefits. A personal trainer can help increase your motivation, create a personalized workout for you, and improve the efficiency of your workouts. However, your personal trainer cannot help you achieve results if you do not put in the appropriate amount of effort. You need to develop a relationship with your personal trainer and dedicate yourself to training with them regularly. Below are three ways that you can increase the effectiveness of your personal training sessions. 

Be Honest With Your Personal Trainer 

The more that your personal trainer knows about you, the better they will be able to adapt exercises to fit you. This means that you should be honest with your personal trainer. If you do not like a particular exercise or the amount of weight you are using feels uncomfortable, you should let your trainer know. If you are feeling overly energetic or lethargic during a particular session, tell your trainer so they can adapt your workout to suit you. With time, your trainer will be able to read your physical cues and adjust your training schedule automatically, but in the beginning it is important to communicate with them as much as possible. 

Create Concrete Goals 

Your personal trainer will be able to create better workout sessions for you if you have concrete goals. For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds or run a 5 kilometer race, your personal trainer will be able to help you. However, if your goals are vague, such as to get healthier, your trainer will have a difficult time creating a specific routine for you, and you may have a hard time maintaining your motivation and measuring your success. If you do not have specific goals, you should work with your trainer to set realistic goals for you. 

Keep Records of What You Do Between Sessions 

Unless you train with your trainer several times a week, you will likely be completing workouts between your training sessions. You should keep records of these workouts. In your records you should include what you did during the workout as well as how you felt and any questions you might have about the exercises you are doing. This way your trainer can adjust your training schedule and correct any issues you have with your current exercises. 

It is important that you prepare for your training sessions in order to get the most out of them. By being honest, creating goals, and keeping detailed records you will be able to increase the effectiveness of your workouts with a trainer like those at FitProActive.


6 June 2016

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