What to Expect When You Take a Yoga Nidra Class And What Benefits You Might Derive


If you want a way to relax but can't focus long enough to meditate, consider trying a yoga nidra class. This type of yoga is different from meditation, yet it offers many of the same physical and emotional benefits of meditation. Here's how a yoga nidra class works and the benefits of learning yoga nidra. What to Expect During A Yoga Nidra Class Yoga nidra is guided meditation. However, you don't clear your mind and focus on your breath.

12 May 2021

3 Types Of Fitness Programs For Patients With Severe Lower-Limb Arthritis


Developing arthritis in your legs or feet can make it so much harder to be active. Many traditional forms of exercise, like walking and cycling, become difficult or impossible. As such, many people with lower limb arthritis gain weight and lose fitness, which only serves to make their condition worse in the long run. Thankfully, it is never too late to start working on improving your fitness again, and there are a few types of fitness programs that are well-suited to people with severe lower-limb arthritis.

22 January 2021

Used Fitness Equipment For Your New Home Gym: What Kind Of Results Can You Expect From The Investment?


Buying anything pre-owned or gently used can be a gamble; however, when it comes to fitness equipment, purchasing everything you need brand-new could cost a king's ransom. Besides the savings, used equipment for your home gym tends to be more sturdy than other items you'd pick up at a yard sale or other second-hand retailer. It's generally a safe bet, but what kind of results can you expect to see in yourself, physically, from such an investment?

5 October 2020

4 Benefits of Trying a Hot Sculpt Yoga Class


If you're someone who enjoys working out but you need a new routine, you may want to see if there is a hot sculpt yoga class being offered in your area. This kind of class takes place in a heated room, and it can challenge you to move your body and improve your flexibility and strength in the process. Even if you're a beginner, it's worthwhile to give this kind of exercise class a try.

14 July 2020

5 Tips To Help You Stick To Your Gym Routine


If you have fitness goals, they will take a lot of work and dedication. Many people want to work out and get in shape, but they lack discipline. The truth is, it's easy to get lazy and fall off the wagon. If you have a gym membership and you want to make sure that you utilize it, you may be looking for tips to help you stick to your gym routine.

14 April 2020

Do's and Don'ts on Working With a Weight Room Rack


One of the advantages of a weight room rack is that you can minimize your risk of injury when you do heavy barbell squats and presses. The rack can help you stay safe, especially if you reach muscle failure. However, you could still hurt yourself if you don't use it correctly. Here are do's and don'ts when using a weight room rack and small changes you can make to improve your safety and reduce injuries.

21 February 2020

The Benefits Of Yoga To Improve Your Mind And Body Connection


Yoga is a wonderful practice that can improve your flexibility, your ability to focus, and your response to stress. When you want to learn new yoga moves but you don't have the time to make it to a class, you can try online yoga classes to enjoy this practice. You will want to be in a comfortable place and have a yoga mat to use. Your clothing should be comfortable but well-fitting so that you don't get caught up in your clothing when you are trying to do new yoga positions.

9 December 2019