What to Expect When You Take a Yoga Nidra Class And What Benefits You Might Derive


If you want a way to relax but can't focus long enough to meditate, consider trying a yoga nidra class. This type of yoga is different from meditation, yet it offers many of the same physical and emotional benefits of meditation. Here's how a yoga nidra class works and the benefits of learning yoga nidra.

What to Expect During A Yoga Nidra Class

Yoga nidra is guided meditation. However, you don't clear your mind and focus on your breath. Instead, the instructor leads your focus to various parts of your body so your mind detaches from the world around you and you deeply relax. The length of a class varies according to the length of the guided instructions and how many body parts are covered.

You usually take the session stretched out on the floor on your back, but you might have a bolster under your legs. You are given instructions to repeat to yourself to keep you from falling asleep. The goal of yoga nidra is to relax as much as possible without falling asleep. In this state, you can exist between the worlds of wakefulness and sleep and access your subconscious mind.

In addition to moving your focus to various parts of your body, your instructor might have you work with an affirmation so you can use the opportunity to reprogram your subconscious. You might even find a yoga nidra class that focuses on the need you have such as improving health, stopping smoking, or relieving stress and anxiety where the instructor uses affirmation mantras that focus on your needs.

How a Yoga Nidra Class Benefits You

You can take a yoga nidra class in addition to meditating, taking other types of yoga, and having massage treatments when you want to manage stress. However, you can take yoga nidra alone and still derive a lot of benefits, and some go beyond stress reduction.

Doing yoga nidra regularly might reduce stress and lower anxiety. Managing stress benefits your general mental and physical health. The sessions might also help you overcome bad habits due to the reprogramming of your subconscious. You might find you sleep better, are happier, are able to let go of past hurts easier, and are more creative after learning how to do yoga nidra.

Another benefit of taking a yoga nidra class is you have an instructor to guide your mind into deep relaxation so you aren't distracted by remembering a script or watching the time. You can relax and enter the world between waking and sleep where you can find peace and acceptance before you awake and have to face the world again.


12 May 2021

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