3 Ways Bikram Yoga Can Help You Improve Running Abilities


If you enjoy running for fitness, weight loss, or stress relief, you may wonder what other exercises can help you improve your speed or increase your mileage. One workout to add to your exercise calendar is Bikram yoga.

Also known as "hot yoga," a session of Bikram yoga involves doing a series of yoga poses in a room heated to 100 degrees or higher. Bikram yoga is an excellent complement to your running workouts. Check out a few ways Bikram yoga can help you enhance your running abilities.

1. Bikram Yoga Helps You Increase Your Lung Capacity

As you complete different poses during Bikram yoga, your yoga instructor will guide you through your breathing. You'll learn how to fill your lungs to capacity with air and slowly release the air. These guided breathing exercises will aid you in learning how to be more aware of your breaths so that you can better control your breathing when you're running. 

Not only does controlled breathing enable your body's cardiovascular system to operate more efficiently, but it can alleviate any anxiety that you're experiencing. Many runners find themselves nervous when competing in a race or running in a new area. 

2. Regular Bikram Yoga Helps You Strengthen Your Entire Body

One benefit of Bikram yoga is that it works your entire body. Even though you don't use weights in your yoga poses, your body provides resistance that will strengthen your body. You'll find that it takes strength to properly balance and hold your yoga poses during your sessions.

Many runners find that strengthening their entire bodies makes them better runners. Yoga is a great way to strengthen the core muscles; the stronger your core, the easier it will be for you to maintain proper form during your runs. Correct running form makes it easier for you to lengthen your stride and maintain a consistent pace. 

3. Yoga Helps You Overcome the Mental Obstacles to Improving Your Running

Sometimes, it's mental rather than physical obstacles that are keeping you from improving your running abilities. Your body is capable of running faster or completing one more mile, but your mind is telling you that you can't do it. 

Bikram yoga can help you conquer these mental obstacles. During your yoga sessions, you'll learn how to focus on the abilities of your body and concentrate on how your body feels as you complete various yoga poses.

You can use your enhanced focus and concentration during your runs. Better mental control allows you to deter emotions and negative thoughts that hinder your running abilities.  


30 September 2019

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